static noise

The girl unlocked the door with a gentle touch, entered her house, and motioned for you to come in. You heard a loud sigh coming from her direction as she entered the living room.

"Soooorry," she said. "TV signal's a little shoddy for some reason these days! I can hardly tune into any channel, and they're all garbled together or something."

You notice glimpses of morning shows and music videos on the struggling screen. Is that what she's into? Unsure, you ask her about it.

"Music? Yeah, I like it. I don't play any though, I only listen to it. Do you enjoy idols? I know they're not for everyone, but I like them a lot!"

You notice a sudden excitement in her voice. It's likely she's very passionate about idols, so you allow her to go on.

"I like not only Korean idols, but also Japanese ones. You know like Super Junior, UKISS, 2PM, TVXQ, old Korean stuff. But I like Twice and GOT7 too, I'm fond of JYP and all. Ever heard about Kinki Kids? They're super cool, and so artistic, you could say they're not even idols! I really like Kis-my-Ft2 too, they're a little more silly but they're as good. I listen to other stuff too, like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran and Japan and YMO and a billion others, I like the 80s."

You try your best to slide a sentence or two in the middle of her speech, but she manages to go on again.

"I can't call myself an artist, but I draw, too! At least, I try. And I play video games! Like Touhou, or Puyo Puyo, or the Koei Warriors series, that kinda stuff. While I'm at it, do you wanna play a game?"

A chill runs down your spine as she utters those last few words. Something tells you you've heard them somewhere, in some kind of really creepy movie too. But again, you're dead certain she means nothing bad by that. So, are you playing? If you don't, you can just leave if you want. Hopefully, we'll meet again...

You think a little more, and you realize she's cute. You could take her home. It's not like you two are emotionally involved or anything, so you might as well try to hit on her in order to convince her. Even if...deep down, you feel like you shouldn't. You can take the risk.