Girl, happy

You asked the girl about herself.

"You want to hear" she says in surprise, not thinking anyone would ever want to start a discussion with her. She seems rather pleased about it. You can sense you've made the right move. She meekly sneezed before going on. Did she have any allergies, or a cold maybe? It's a warm winter, but winter nonetheless.

"Well, I'm Janice, but you can call me Jan. I'm a university student, been living in Canada all my life. Are you a college student like me, too? You seem to be around my age."

A college student? Perhaps you are, perhaps you aren't. You give her the right answer, whatever it is, and she nods along, ready to continue her introduction.

"I don't know about you, but I'm majoring in East Asian Studies for now!" she said with confidence. After noticing a subtle glint of worry in your eyes, she proceeded to add a little more:

"Oh, b-but I'm gonna get my Master's in something else afterwards! I'll go into like, International Relations or something...Just a bachelor in ESA won't do much, I know.

Wanna come over to my house? We could talk a bit more! I'm totally freezing, too."

You're a little weirded out by the sudden proposal, you didn't know her until now after all. But she seems welcoming and devoid of any ill intent, so you consider going along with her plan. What do you do?